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Carbide Products

  • Carbide Rods

    Carbide Rods

    Cemented carbide rod: Toonney cemented carbide rod plant can offer different sizes of cemented carbide rods for customers. Besides the different shapes and dimension requirement, cemented carbide rod ...

  • Cemented Carbide Die

    Cemented Carbide Die

  • Carbide Strip

    Carbide Strip

    Carbide strip, widely applied in woodworking and stone working. The grade selection is very important, hard grades can last a longer lifetime, however, the softer grade is more common when the machini...

  • Cutting Tools

    Cutting Tools

  • Sintering Furnance

    Sintering Furnance


Products series

Carbide rods --- solid rods, rods with coolant holes(one straight hole, two straight holes, three straight holes, double spiral holes, three spiral holes etc.)
Carbide cutting tools --- carbide cutter, carbide tips, carbide saw blades
Carbide dies --- cold heading dies, drawing die, progressive die, punching die
Carbide insert --- indexable inserts
Carbide blank --- tungsten carbide blank
Carbide bar --- carbide boring ball
Sintering furnace --- Sintering HIP furnace
Customized tungsten products --- For common use of tungsten rods,bars, blanks, dies, we develop 50 grades standard materials for options to different applications. Besides the standard products series, we also help and give the customer with a comprehensive solution in some special complicated situation.

Advantages of Toonney tungsten alloy plant

1. Toonney tungsten alloy plant applies high-quality tungsten alloy with good wear resistance, high hardness, and impact toughness.
2. Toonney tungsten alloy manufacturer can offer competitive price and various grades of solid carbide rods, carbide tips, and carbide blank.
3. Solid carbide rods, carbide tips and carbide blank produced by Toonney tungsten alloy factory have a long operating life.
4. Toonney uses 100% tungsten alloy virgin raw material with sub-micron grain size.
5. Toonney tungsten alloy factory has topline technique.
6. Toonney tungsten alloy manufacturer has a promise for strict quality control.
7. Toonney has excellent after-sales service.8. Solid carbide rods, carbide tips and carbide blank by Toonney tungsten alloy plant has an outstanding chemical stability. 

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