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Carbide Insert

Carbide Insert

Introduction of Carbide Insert Specification of Carbide Insert Feature of Carbide Insert Application of Carbide Insert Advantage of Carbide Insert
Carbide insert is made of tungsten carbide, which is a kind of alloy material made of the refractory metal hard compound and binding metal through powder metallurgy technology.Carbide insert has good hardness and wears resistance, good strength and toughness. Carbide insert also has heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of other excellent properties.Especially the hardness and wear resistance of carbide insert, carbide insert still has a good hardness at 1000 ℃. Carbide insert mainly uses solid cemented carbide as the matrix. Carbide insert also needs multi-channel production process to finish. Carbide insert, as the teeth of modern industry, plays a fundamental role in the development of the manufacturing.

Indexable inserts, as a kind of carbide tools, can fix indexable polygonal blade on the cutter bar or blade through mechanical method. In the process of machining, if a carbide blade tip of the indexable inserts gets blunt, we need to transport the indexable inserts to use another blade tip. Because the blade tip with blunt cannot be resharpened again. Common blade shapes of indexable inserts are trilateral,

quadrilateral, pentagon, convex trilateral, circular and diamond. There are three commonly used blade tolerance grades: precision level (G), intermediate (M) and regular grade (U) 3 kinds, which can be chosen according to need. The center of indexable inserts with various shapes has a hole or has no hole.Some indexable inserts have no angle while some indexable inserts have different angles.Some indexable inserts have no chip breaker groove but some indexable inserts have chip breaker groove on one side or bot two sides. In order to meet the need of indexable inserts used in a variety of conditions, the chip breaker groove of indexable inserts has different shapes.

Mining tools: Tungsten carbide in mining tools application focus on the mining tips, with the character of super hard, wear resistant,and corrosion resistant, mining tools with tungsten carbide tip is long lifetime--about 5 to 6 times of the common steel iron mining tools,and performs well in saving labor time, relieving heavy labor and speeding up the mining. Among all shapes of mining tip, the button bit is most efficient. Compared with traditional flake tip, more wear resistant and faster drilling.

Carbide turning tools: Carbide turning tools are the tools with a cutting blade and used for turning machining, it is widely applied to lathe cutting. The working part of a turning tool is the part to produce and dispose of the cutting chips, including blade, the structure to break and smash or roll up and the room to dispose or store the chips, the cutting fluid channel. The application of tungsten carbide in this area is wide because of the super high hardness and corrosion resistant advantages, which make the turning blade very sharp and wear resistant, long lifetime, and can be machined to be very precision to different use.

Samples Matters: Tungsten carbide insert which can be available from our common regular inventory, can be offered as samples for free. For some carbide insert with irregular customer special required, will be charged. Of course, customers need to pay the shipping fee. Usually, the lead time of the samples will be within 7 working days。

Minimum Order Quantity: There is no minimum order quantity of tungsten carbide insert for the first trial order. But on the second order, the total amount of tungsten carbide insert should be not less than 1000USD.

Delivery Time: 7-15 working days

Grade ISO    grade Cobalt Grain size Density Hardness Hardness TRS
(Co%) (μm) (g/cm³) (HRA) (HV) (N/mm²)
TU06 K05-K10 6.0 0.4 14.80 94.0 2177 3800
TF06 K05-K10 6.0 0.6 14.81 93.1 2037 3600
TU08 K10-K20 8.0 0.4 14.52 93.5 2099 3800
TU40 K20-K40 10.0 0.8 14.40 91.8 1834 3800
TU40F K20-K40 10.0 0.6 14.45 92.3 1912 4000
TU44 K20-K40 12.0 0.4 14.10 92.8 1990 4200
TU25 K20-K40 12.0 0.5 14.06 92.5 1943 3800
TU45 K20-K40
13.0 0.4 13.96 92.6 1959 4000

Carbide insert can be made according to customer's different requirement. Please order with detail drawing or description.
  • Product name: Carbide insert/ indexable inserts
  • Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Toonney
  • Model Number: Carbide insert
  • Type: Carbide insert/ indecable inserts
  • Material: Tungsten carbide
  • Tolerance: As required 
  • Surface treatment: Blank, polished or mirror polished.
  • Size: As required
  • Port: Xiamen
  • Payment terms: FOB Xiamen
  • Carbide insert can be widely used as mining tools because of its excellent wear resistance and shock resistance.
  • As one of the best rock drilling tools, carbide insert will be a better choice.
  • Carbide insert also can used as a measuring tools.
  • In the process of precision bearing, carbide insert plays an important role also.
  • Hardware die is a common tool in our daily life and carbide inert is an important part of hardware die.
  • TOONEY indexable inserts factory can offer customer a competitive price, because all indexable inserts, carbide insert, and carbide reamers are made by ourselves.
  • TOONEY indexable inserts manufacturer has professional coating equipment and imported coating from European.
  • TOONEY indexable inserts plant has a professional team for designing and making indexable inserts, carbide insert, and carbide reamers.
  • TOONEY carbide insert plant can be compatible with the brand of Korloy.
  • TOONEY carbide insert factory can also manufacture carbide reamers and carbide insert as mining tools with any size according to customers' specification.
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